Rosh HaShana Apple Honey Container Craft

Tapuach B'Dvash - Small Apple Containers (6)

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Rosh HaShana
Jewish Early Childhood, Hebrew Schools, Day Schools & Camps

NEW!  Plastic Red Apple Container (6). An exciting (and easy) project. Decorate in the level suit for the children's age. Stickers for very young ones, glitter glue, puffy paint and permanent markers for the next level and glass markers for the next. Contains:  6 Small Apple Containers Size:  3.5" tall.

Suggestion for use as a Game:

Hi Benny-Its Fern, hope all is well with the business and with your lovely family. I noticed that you are carrying a plastic apple container and I wanted to tell you that I used these to make good Rosh HaShanah games for the class. I just cut small cards out of index cards or cardboard and placed them inside the apple. The children took turns opening the apple and drawing out a card and performing the holiday related task. For example: One game involved a set of question cards I wrote up of facts about the holidays, Another was a set of pictures of holiday symbols which the kids had to identify or supply information about. Another was a matching game, where the kids got one of each set (or one of each pair is laid out face down on the table) and then they drew a second from inside the apple. Finally a simple path board is created and if the kids land on an apple they need to draw out a question card from inside the apple container. (you know I was never going to use them to create identical art projects, didn't you! but as props for creative games they were great.) Just an idea to help you publicize if you want. Take care and Shana Tova (I am enjoying retirement, as you can imagine, playing w my 5 grandkiddies) - kol tuv-Fern

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