Help / FAQ

Q: I am a teacher at a religious school that had ordered from you in the past. Can I be billed instead of paying by credit card?

 A:Yes that is possible!

When you are done with your order and go to “Checkout” you’ll eventually get to the payment method window. There you can choose between “Credit Card” or "Please bill me (Schools, Synagogues & JCCs only)”. Choose the "Please bill me (Schools, Synagogues & JCCs only)”  If you use PO numbers in your school - please indicate your PO number in the "Order Remarks" field.

However, this applies only to orders shipped to the school address - not to the teacher's residential address!

Q: I am ordering for a Tax Exempt Organization - What about Sales Tax?

 A: That is no problem!
If you ordering from any other state than New Jersey - You will automatically not be charged Sales Tax, since you are out of state for us.
If you are in New Jersey our website will automatically add sales tax to your order if you are not yet set up with a "Tax Exempt" status - But don't worry - All you have to do is contact us thru the "order notes" field in the shopping cart, or via email or phone and let us know about your Tax Exempt status. We will check if we do have your organization's Tax Exempt form on file, take off the tax amount from your order, and set you up as a "Tax Exempt Account" for future purchases. In case we do not have it on file simply fax a copy to us. (Remember  - If you are paying for your order by credit card, you will not actually be charged until your order is shipped - so we can easily adjust the amount before we charge!)
Q: Do you ship to Italy, or just in the US? If you do what are the shipping charges?

 A: Yes we do ship to Italy, or almost any country in the world!
The shipping cost would of course depend on the size and weight of the order:
1) You should submit your order and choose as shipping option "International Shipping". This will put a $0.00 amount for shipping into your order.
2) We will put the order together, measure size and weight, and see the different shipping options for that order.
3) We will contact you via email and let you know what the options and costs are.
4) If you approve the shipping method and cost we will add the shipping cost to your total and charge you. If you decide that the shipping is too expensive we will cancel the order. (Remember - your credit card is not charged until we ship the order!)