Refer a Friend



Please note that you can refer multiple friends by sending emails to multiple people or by by sharing your "referral code" code on social media (for example posting it on your Facebook page with a recommendation). Any new customer will be able to use the coupon in the referral code you posted for their first order on Benny's, and you would automatically accumulate a $10 credit to your account for every new customer placing their first order. The more referrals - the more credit you accumulate!

It's easy to sign up (existing customers are automatically signed up - all you have to do is to sign into (log in) your account with Benny's).

Earn $10 store credit for every new customer referral... It adds up quickly!

There are also lots of other ways to earn Bright Starz that translate into coupons, credits, and other perks with our Rewards program. You'll earn Starz for placing orders, sharing us on social media, writing product/company reviews, and more...