Tax Exempt Policy

Benny's Educational Toys collects Sales Tax in New Jersey only - so customers outside of New Jersey do not have to be concerned about their Tax Exempt status. No taxes will be charged!

New Jersey Customers:

All our existing NJ Customers that had a tax exempt status with us prior to 12/31/2015 have their status marked as Tax Exempt on our new web site, and will automatically not be charged.

If you place and order, have Tax Exempt status, and are still charged Sales Tax - Please contact us and we will rectify the issue. (Remember  - If you are paying for your order by credit card, you will not actually be charged until your order is shipped - so we can easily adjust the amount before we charge!)

New NJ Customers that have Tax Exempt Status and are not marked as such - Please fax your Tex Exempt form to 201-984-6199 or email it to and we will update your status.