About us

Dear Jewish Educator,  
Benny's Educational Toys, also known as The "Jewish School Supply Company",
is the leading supplier of Jewish educational materials and Hebrew learning materials from Israel in the US.
The company was founded by Benjamin Keren in 1998 in order to provide Jewish teachers and Jewish schools with teaching aids. Benny's Educational Toys provides educators in Jewish Preschools, Jewish Day Schools as well as Supplementary schools (Hebrew, and Religious Schools). Sarah Keren, Benny's wife, joined the company in 2005.
Our product line grows continually and we now offer about 4000 items, including; Hebrew Language Games, Jewish & Hebrew Children’s Books, Jewish and Israel related Classroom Items, Posters for Holidays and about our Tradition, Israeli Maps, Jewish Plush and Imaginary Play items, Jewish Arts & Craft items including a huge selection of Jewish Stickers, Affordable Projects and a line of high-end Heirloom Projects.
As you know, Benny's Educational Toys strives to provide excellent customer service and 100% customer satisfaction. Our continuing policy is to try to send out any order we receive on the same day or within the next business day.
Our web site’s interface is constantly improving. As you may have noticed, we offer a huge selection of items on our website, and it seems overwhelming at times. So we added many sub-categories to our categories so you can find items you need in an easier and a more intuitive way. We will continue to try to streamline your browsing experience.
Our periodical colorful emails continue to be a great success. We have received positive feedback from the recipients. Please join our email list and take advantage of the info and the coupons in the informational emails we send out before holidays.
Please let us know what your needs are! We want to hear your opinions, complaints, advice, suggestions or anything you’d like us to know!

2020 (Covid-19) update: During times when schools and shuls had to close, while children and congregants had to stay home, we worked with schools and synagogues to send out care packages to students and congregants, trying to find a solution for every need. We also launched a few new websites to provide people at home with Jewish toys, arts & crafts, and Judaica items, with a simple ordering process and a low flat shipping cost of $5 per order. The sites are:




Thank you for being our loyal customers for so many years!
Benny and Sarah Keren,
And the team,
at Benny’s Educational Toys