Jewish Sand Art

Jewish Arts & Crafts materials for Jewish Schools. Judaic Sand Art, Self adhesive sand boards, Peel off sections and pour on the sand. Shabbat Sand Art, Jerusalem Sand Art, Charity Sand Art, Menorah Sand Art, Dreidle Sand Art, Modern Jewish Art Sand Art, Rosh Ha Shana Sand Art, Passover Matzah Sand Art, Pasovver Seder Plate Sand Art. Provide Jewish Children with hands-on Arts & Crafts Projects. We carry many Art Project materials from Israel for all Jewish Holidays. Jewish educational materials, jewish educational toys, Jewish Toys, Jewish Arts & Crafts, Jewish educational games, Jewish classroom materials, Gifts and presents for Jewish children, Jewish Learning materials, Israeli educational materials, Israeli games, Jewish games, educational materials for Jewish schools, Jewish preschools, Religious schools, Jewish early childhood, Hebrew schools, Jewish supplementary schools and Jewish Kindergarten supplies. Teaching aids and accessories, teaching instruments, displays, postersnad materials. All teaching supplies. Your best source for Jewish educational materials!