Passover Seder Mini PVC Poster Set

Passover Seder Mini PVC Poster Set (18 Pictures), Order of the Seder & More...

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Made in Israel

Passover Seder Mini PVC Poster Set (18 Pictures). A high quality and educationally well made item. Made of durable and wipe-able plastic. Mini posters are flexible for display or for distributing to children in a classroom setting.

Pictures depict the order of the Seder (Kadesh,U'rchatz, Karpas..... Hallel, Nirtzah) (קדש, ורחץ, כרפס, יחץ......הלל, נרצה), plus additional pictures depicting other important symbols of Pesach, as the "4 cups", and the three important words we must say on Passover: Pessach, Matzah, Maror

"Pessach" (with an image of the sacrificial lamb)

"Matzah" (shoeing an image of a round Matzah Shmurah, and

"Maror" (showing a picturer of maror).

Contains 18 PVC pictures. Size of each mini-poster: 9.6" x 6.8".

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