Parsha Play Curriculum Teacher's Resource Book w. USB Memory Stick - NEW

Parsha Play Curriculum Teacher's Resource Book - Now w. USB Memory Stick

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The Parsha Play Curriculum. A must have for Jewish educators, the Parsha Play Curriculum is filled with thousands of proven and practical interactive tools for teaching Torah through play. This 450 page book (and USB memory stick) is filled with ideas for games, songs, activities, food projects and more, bringing Torah to life for children in Hebrew schools, Shabbos programs, camps, day schools and pre-schools. Featuring a wealth of innovative lessons, discussion starters and review questions for all 54 Parashot, it focuses on the mitzvoth and midot that matter most to teachers of pre-K and elementary school children. Equally important, the curriculum brings each topic in the Torah to life through age-appropriate games, songs and activities that kids adore. You will not only enhance your own practice, you will change forever the way your students experience the challenges and triumphs of the Jewish people. This set includes: age appropriate curriculum for every Parsha; a focus on Torah heroes as well as mitzvoth and midot; over 500 games to reinforce the themes of each Parsha; 125 detailed recipes for creative Parsha food projects; nearly 200 original, unforgettable Parsha songs; resources for props, costumes, arts & crafts, pictures, and books; hundreds of tips for creating Parsha Play centers in any space; and a USB memory stick that has 76 original, colorful card and board games; 186 original recorded Parsha songs; building plans for Mishkan vessels; and sewing patterns for Kohen's clothes.

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