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Get a Grip on Patterns - Classroom Set

Get a Grip on Patterns - Classroom Set

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Grip-Board Patterning designed for Classroom use. This unique learning aid is designed to develop and strengthen visual perception skills, eye-hand coordination, and fine motor skills, especially the "pincher" grip (thumb and index grip) so crucial to good fine motor development and control. Includes: 4 square grip-board 6.25" 47 laminated activity cards graded by level of difficulty. 150 safety pegs in 6 colors. Teacher's instructional guide. Grade: K-6 This Product is Made in Israel. Grip Board Patterning Class Set.

Get a Grip on Patterns is a unique learning aid for students aged 3 and up. It helps students to develop and strengthen visual perception skills, visual-motor coordination and fine motor control, through learning to construct a pattern.

There are multiple suggestions for use. First, students can start by randomly adding the pegs on the grip board. This will improve their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

By adding the cards onto the grip boards, students can match the correct colour of the pegs to the correct location on the grip board. Once students master the matching activities, they can place the cards alongside the grip board, and copy the pattern from the card onto the board.

Finally, students can work in pairs. One student has the pattern card in front of them, while the other student has the grip board in front of them, without being able to see the pattern card. By giving a description of the pattern, the other student is copying this onto the board by adding the pegs to the correct location. The students then compare the pattern card with the grip board and pegs. This encourages students to use concepts such as up, down, horizontal, vertical, etc.

Boards can link together. By connecting 4 boards, a hundred board is created. This can be used for activities such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, as well as graphing, or breaking up and composing the first decimal, place value and much more.

The set consists of:

    4 plastic grip boards, each 16cm square
    47 grip board designs in 3 sets, ranging from beginner to complex, with progression within the sets as well.
    one blank card which is a photocopy master to enable you to create additional designs
    150 miniature pegs in 6 colours (red, blue, yellow, green, orange and purple)

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