Baby Moses in the Basket (Moshe BaTeiva) Passover Art & Craft Projects

Baby Moses (Moshe BaTeiva) Passover Art & Craft Projects - 10 Sets

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Arts & Crafts
Jewish Early Childhood, Hebrew Schools, Day Schools & Camps

Baby Moses (Moshe BaTeiva) (משה בתיבה) for Passover arts & crafts. 10 White Styrofoam Basket + 10 Baby Moses Puppet Set. Color the white Styrofoam Basket (Teivah) and create a complete Baby Moses scenery or just a cozy basket with these baskets and realistic plastic puppets. Puppets in this set are high quality but legs and arms are NOT moveable - Very cute Baby Moses Puppets! Please Note: Scenery cutouts, decoration materials and tray shown in sample are not included. Click here to see our huge selection of Decoration Materials!

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