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Aleph-Bet Colorful Wood Beads - No Cord

Aleph-Bet Colorful Wood Beads - No Cord

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Wood Shapes & Crafts
Israeli Independence Day
Jewish Early Childhood, Hebrew Schools, Day Schools & Camps

Aleph-Bet Colorful Wood Beads. Make your own bracelet or necklace in vibrant colors! Includes ending letters. Beads are about 1/3" each cube. This new version of this item does NOT include elastic cord. Beads come in assorted colors (Green, Pink, Yellow, Blue...). Please note: this is not a "high quality" item - as you can see in the image, letters are not always exactly centered on cube or perfectly printed. However, it is a good value compared to it's price! Also please note that you can potentially create more bracelets as long as you do not need to use the same letters. So for larger groups you might not need a set for each individual!

This item has a minimum purchase quantity of 12 packs. If you are looking for a smaller quantity, for crafts at home, you would find it at our website for Jewish crafts at home: Jewish-Crafts.com

NOTE - NEW Addition!: Buy this item in combination with our new: DS3685 "EHEVI (Vowels) Only (א,ה,ו,י) Hebrew Letters Colorful Wood Beads & Cord" - and extend the usage of the left over consonants when creating name bracelets (necklaces) for a group! This new item contains only 24 beads, 6 x Alef (א), 6 x He (ה), 6 x Vav (ו), and 6 x Yod (י), plus additional long cord.


 ALSO PLEASE NOTE - NEW Addition!: Buy this item in combination with our 20 yard Black Elastic Cord:


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