Ha Bore Pri Ha Geffen (10 Large Plastic Bottles), Stickers & Recipe

Ha Bore Pri Ha Geffen (10 Large Plastic Bottles), Stickers & Recipe

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Arts & Crafts
Rosh HaShana
Jewish Early Childhood, Hebrew Schools, Day Schools & Camps

Make your own Wine or Grape Juice! An exciting (and easy) project for children. Contains: 10 clear plastic bottles with light blue screw caps, sheet with "Chag Sameach" "חג שמח" stickers, two different recipes and instructions (all you need is water, sugar and grapes or raisins). The wine process takes about 3 weeks, however the grape juice process takes only 1.5 hours - Could be also just filled with Grape Juice! Bottles are about 6" tall. About 5oz. (150ml.). For children ages 4 & up.  Click to Download Instructions!

Please note: Comes with sheet of "Chag Sameach" "חג שמח" stickers, however does not include the white 2.5" x 1" Avery labels we show on the decorated items.

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