DIY Metal Chanukah Menorahs for Decoration Classroom Pack (20)

DIY Metal Chanukah Menorahs for Decoration Classroom Pack (20)

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Menorah Projects

Metal Hanukkah (Chanukah) Menorah Art & Craft Project (20 Menorahs). The writing "Chanukah" (in Hebrew), and the stars on the backing are punched out of the metal and can be decorated by gluing colorful metal foils. This gives this project a unique beauty! Decorate this Metal Menorah using paint, TULIP paint (see below), Israeli Mosaic Stones, spray paint, beads, colorful stones, or glittering confetti etc. Adult help required for attaching candle bases (not included) with Metal Glue (see below) or with Glue Gun.

Dimensions: These Menorahs are shipped flat, size 8.5" x 6' (before folding). You have to fold them along the perforation lines to bring them into their final shape. The final dimension (after folding) of the Menorah is about 8.5" wide x 4.2" tall.

Decoration Materials & Candle Bases are NOT included with this Menorah. All parts of this craft menorah are non-flammable, however decoration materials & glues used by you in your projects may be flammable! The way a Menorah project is constructed may also cause it to become a fire hazard. Benny's Educational Toys does not encourage in any way to light any arts & craft project! Lighting a menorah is on your own responsibility.
PLEASE NOTE: This unique arts & craft Menorah project is not recommended for younger children. 

Please Note: This item is an arts & crafts decoration project. Lighting menorah is on your own responsibility.

Please Note: The Menorahs come with a blue protective film, that needs to be pealed off before decorating. The film protects the metal, so it is easier to decorate.

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