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Ceramic Tzedakah - Foundaitions of the World

Ceramic "Foundaitions of the World" Tzedakah Box

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Rosh HaShana
Yom Kippur
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Jewish Games & Toys

Teach kids the value of giving with this play Tzedakah (Charity) Box (Pushka) that is fully functional. A great accessory for every Jewish space!   Contains: Ceramic Tzedakah - Foundations of the World (3"L x 3"W x 4.5"H).

Charity is a fundamental part of the Jewish way of life. Traditional Jews give at least ten percent of their income to charity. Traditional Jewish homes and businesses commonly have a pushke, a box for collecting coins for the poor, and coins are routinely placed in the box."Tzedakah" is the Hebrew word for the acts that we call "charity" in English: giving aid, assistance and money to the poor and needy or to other worthy causes. However, the nature of tzedakah is very different from the idea of charity. The word "charity" suggests benevolence and generosity, a magnanimous act by the wealthy and powerful for the benefit of the poor and needy. The word "tzedakah" is derived from the Hebrew root Tzadei-Dalet-Qof, meaning righteousness, justice or fairness. In Judaism, giving to the poor is not viewed as a generous, magnanimous act; it is simply an act of justice and righteousness, the performance of a duty, giving the poor their due.

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